Shotgun stuff

Creates shots from the qt widget in shotgun with options for shot status and description , duration ..


PyQt file renming executable
pyqt executable, renames files and adds desired frame padding ,
the tool expects the format of the file to be fileName . number . file extension
file size is a bit large because of all the animated gif 's encoded in the gui
its a windows executable
file renamer.exe
exe File 30.9 MB

image format converter

this is a simple pyqt utility i found useful often,

could be useful for pulling in images converting from one format to another,


converts one image format to another ,

makes an animated gif of the input sequence,

converts to ico format as well for making icons

image formats that this tool can handle for now are ,  gif  ,  bmp , ico , png   sgi , exr , jpg, tiff

its a window executable, hope to convert all of these tools to work on other os 

the file size is a bit large because i am converting them as onefile for portability , will have to search a bit more to find out regarding the file size,

need to search more about auto ui resize change for various screen resolutions as well,

added image display while converting to various formats


 the python file is here... 


exe File 67.8 MB



Image Tool Utility

some basic image editing tools all combined in one interface



exe File 58.5 MB

Houdini and Pyqt in action , automation

stage light colour change sample ui 

changes the colour of the selected light in stage , visually by ui with red , green and blue selections 

with all  the bells and whilstles , a lcd counter to display the value and a progress bar

sample widget :